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So, you want to know about us? Great. Locally owned and operated, GQ Roofing is a company based out of Kernersville, North Carolina, that came together with one goal, to deliver the most reliable and quality roofing service to every member of our community. 


With Co-owner Daniel Abernathy coming from a long line of roofing contractors, GQ Roofing brings experience and professional expertise along with hard work and a desire to go above and beyond customer satisfaction. 


Here at GQ Roofing, we understand that your roof protects your investments and, most importantly, your family. That’s why giving a long-term solution with a solid warranty is our top priority. Owners Daniel Abernathy and Gary Scales take pride in personally going out to every job site to inform and educate their customers, ensuring that they provide them with the best products and services for their individual needs within their price range. 


We know life is already busy enough, and we are dedicated to giving our clients a stress-free experience with us. Our success is due to our mission of providing peace-of-mind for every one of our customers through exceptional service. We believe in always doing what’s right, and in our minds, there are no shortcuts to excellence. 


You’ll find that delivering our promises and exceeding your expectations is part of our core values. And we have no problem shouting that from your rooftop!

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Living in North Carolina means you’ll deal with your fair share of storms throughout the year. Rain storms, hurricanes, winter storms, North Carolina is susceptible to it all.


That’s why it’s extremely important to make sure your roof is in a stable condition. This means no leaks, proper insulation, and routine checkups to make sure everything is in order. That’s why at GQ Roofing, we’re offering North Carolina communities free roof inspections so that every home has a sturdy roof over it’s head. 

As North Carolina’s most trustworthy contractor, we can guarantee that you’ll receive A+ customer service from point A to point Z. Whether it’s maximizing your insurance claim, or installing a new roof, you can bet you’re getting nothing but the best from GQ Roofing.